Serving clients aged 18 months to 18 years in the Greater Dayton and Cincinnati Areas.

At Adina ABA, we believe in the extraordinary potential within every child, and it is our mission to unlock and nurture that potential.

Personalized Care, Everywhere:

We offer more than just therapy; we bring a sense of partnership and understanding.

Our services are uniquely tailored to each child's needs, providing effective therapy in the familiarity of their home, within community settings, or through school-based support.

We deliver versatile ABA therapy options, including at-home and school-based ABA therapy programs, specifically designed to nurture and support children with autism, helping them thrive in their environments.

Empowering Children, Every Step of the Way:

Personalized care and support, thoughtfully crafted to address the unique developmental and therapeutic needs of your child.

Holistic Approach: Focusing on social, behavioral, and life skills development.

Individualized Programs: Tailored therapy to meet each child's unique needs.

Insurance Compatibility: Accepts most insurance plans for ease of access.

In-Home Therapy: Comfortable, familiar setting for effective learning.

Expert Clinicians

Our team at Adina ABA consists of highly trained, licensed, and insured professionals who are not only knowledgeable in autism care but also compassionate, culturally sensitive, and reliably dependable.
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